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Enrich your vacation and relaxation time in Phaistos villas by learning Yoga and if you already practice it, deepen your practical skills.

Yoga has its origin in India. It is a deep-rooted tradition which seeks to harmonize body, mind and soul. Enrich your vacation time at Phaistos villas and take advantage of the opportunity to learn Yoga or if you are already practicing to enhanse your experience. Yoga will help you to let go of the everyday stress and will lead you to more relaxation, happiness and better health. Who knows? you may want to continue with Yoga when you go back home.

Phaistos villas is very proud and happy to cooperate with a certified and experienced Yoga teacher who is giving Yoga lessons based on Swami Sivananda's teachings and the so-called Rishikesh-series, which is connected to specific breathing exercises, meditation and deep relaxation methods. Additionally you have the chance to learn about a more meditational type of Yoga called Yin Yoga, which was highly influenced by Paul Grilley.

The course in offer is both for begginners as well as experienced yoga students and of course the individuality and unique skills of every student will be taken into account.

The training itself it is held at the patio area of the villas. Please note that a Yoga session at one of the beautiful sandy beaches during the early evening hours may be held after request. The unique energy of Crete's nature will make the Yoga beach session a very special experience.

Each Yoga lesson lasts 90 minutes, starts at 08:00 in the morning and can be held in English and German. Yoga mats and all additional equipment are provided.

In case that you are interested in a seven day Yoga course please make reservations in advance through Phaistos villas at .

Ayurveda Massage - Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage.

Get even more relaxed by trying the 60 minute Ayurveda massage. The pure pampering of all senses. Floating movements in combination with warm essential oils and hot volcanic stones will release any tention, detox the body and strengthen the immune system. 

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